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“Brothers and Sisters, the village should have the rhythm of one heartbeat”  Don Manuel Q’espe, Q’ero Medicine Elder

This Andean Medicine Path is about Allyu (Community) and Collectivism.

It is our vision and passion to bring Community together in Sacred Space through beautiful, heart-opening events such as Traditional Fire Ceremonies, Earth Healings, Despacho Ceremonies (prayer blessings to Pachamama, Mother Earth), Sacred Healing Circles and Ritual.

Please visit our calendar periodically for upcoming community events.

We welcome you with Kusi (Joy)



"Carol and Laureen….Big thank you and huge love to you both. I appreciate how beautifully, with Spirit, you inspire learning. To teach something one can only learn through direct experience, and to bring it across cultures is quite a remarkable calling. read more
H.A. Kamloops, BC

 style teachings

Imagine dreaming your world into being!  These teachings awaken the wisdom of your soul, weaving you back into the land and back into your heart so that you can remember your soul’s vision. Embracing vision invites deep healing creating opportunity to engage in a life driven by joy, creation and creativity.

 These Indigenous teachings provide practical application through direct engagement with the Sacred.  Ceremony, Ritual and Rights of Passage are an integral part of the training.

 Choose to live fully awake.  Walk in fullness of awareness.  Live your highest potential.

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