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Awaken Your Inner HealerThe Ancient Ones, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the Lineage of Medicine People of Peru remind us that we have an innate healing mechanism that allows us to thrive versus survive.

The knowledge that we are energetic beings, beyond our physical bodies, allows us to open the gateways of understanding that our wholeness resides in our connection to the earth, stones, the sun, the rivers and the mountains.

The Andean teachings inform us that we have an energetic belly that is the mulcher, the digester of our emotions, our stories, our food, our engagements, and our life.

Living in Consensual Reality, this realm of consciousness, may cause us to stuff our emotions, override our feelings, ignore our intuition and create congestion, digestive issues, allergies, food intolerances, infertility, and stagnant bellies.  When we abandon our bellies we lose our connection to ourselves.

In the Andean Cosmology of Earth Medicine we are reminded that when we drop our energetic belly into the earth we awaken the Medicine of Amaru, the Great Creator Serpent, which allows us to anchor ourselves in the land.  We connect with the deep wisdom of Pachamama, Mother Earth, igniting a state of fluidity in our belly. We realign with creation, creativity, fertility and well-being, which is our birthright.

Through Andean Rites of Passage, Ceremony and Ritual, this Ancient Medicine connects us to the rivers, the oceans, the streams and our birth waters so that we can reclaim our Belly of Creation, balance, harmony and self-care.  We awaken our Inner Healer and embrace our Healed State, allowing us to step into our magnificence.  By switching on our inner healing mechanism, we are able to create relationships of power, live from passion, and engage in life through a synchronous flow with the cycles of life, seasons and sacred waters.







"Carol and Laureen….Big thank you and huge love to you both. I appreciate how beautifully, with Spirit, you inspire learning. To teach something one can only learn through direct experience, and to bring it across cultures is quite a remarkable calling. read more
H.A. Kamloops, BC

 style teachings

Imagine dreaming your world into being!  These teachings awaken the wisdom of your soul, weaving you back into the land and back into your heart so that you can remember your soul’s vision. Embracing vision invites deep healing creating opportunity to engage in a life driven by joy, creation and creativity.

 These Indigenous teachings provide practical application through direct engagement with the Sacred.  Ceremony, Ritual and Rights of Passage are an integral part of the training.

 Choose to live fully awake.  Walk in fullness of awareness.  Live your highest potential.

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