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Tap Into Sacred Wisdom And Light Up Your Inner Sage

Tap Into Sacred WisdomThe Wisdom Keepers of Peru teach us that in order to fully engage in life, we must transition beyond a vision of coping and surviving. We must claim our Personal Power and choose to craft visions that allow us to live inspired, meaningful lives. To be driven by big vision, we must rewire our framework of reference by connecting to Source.

Q’ero Elder Don Manuel Q’espe shared that the way to live life to the fullest is to live a Mythic Life. To engage in a life of Mythic Vision, Shaman learn to source from the Collective Wisdom, feeding their Inner Sage with the Wisdom of the Ancestors, the Light, and Pachamama, Mother Earth.  They live deeply connected to this Pool of Wisdom by embodying presence.

In presence, Shaman are connected to other dimensions, such as the dream world, making them open conduits for pure wisdom. By embracing a childlike innocence, Shaman are deeply connected to a framework of joy and potential. When Shaman walk the land they don’t spend time looping in the past. Instead, they embody the Land, becoming one with Pachamama. Through embodiment they become Presence and, like Hummingbird, their Inner Sage feeds directly from the source of light.

We can learn to see through the Eyes of the Shaman, move beyond our personal interpretation, and tap into the Collective Wisdom. When you step onto a Sacred Medicine path, the teachings meet you wherever you are and it is your commitment to evolving that propels you deeper into healing. As we spend more time in presence, we move away from a life that sources from separation and struggle, into a life of profound connection to oneness, ease and grace. We choose to be driven by our Soul’s Wisdom.






Awaken Your Inner Healer And Embrace Your Healed State

Awaken Your Inner HealerThe Ancient Ones, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the Lineage of Medicine People of Peru remind us that we have an innate healing mechanism that allows us to thrive versus survive.

The knowledge that we are energetic beings, beyond our physical bodies, allows us to open the gateways of understanding that our wholeness resides in our connection to the earth, stones, the sun, the rivers and the mountains.

The Andean teachings inform us that we have an energetic belly that is the mulcher, the digester of our emotions, our stories, our food, our engagements, and our life.

Living in Consensual Reality, this realm of consciousness, may cause us to stuff our emotions, override our feelings, ignore our intuition and create congestion, digestive issues, allergies, food intolerances, infertility, and stagnant bellies.  When we abandon our bellies we lose our connection to ourselves.

In the Andean Cosmology of Earth Medicine we are reminded that when we drop our energetic belly into the earth we awaken the Medicine of Amaru, the Great Creator Serpent, which allows us to anchor ourselves in the land.  We connect with the deep wisdom of Pachamama, Mother Earth, igniting a state of fluidity in our belly. We realign with creation, creativity, fertility and well-being, which is our birthright.

Through Andean Rites of Passage, Ceremony and Ritual, this Ancient Medicine connects us to the rivers, the oceans, the streams and our birth waters so that we can reclaim our Belly of Creation, balance, harmony and self-care.  We awaken our Inner Healer and embrace our Healed State, allowing us to step into our magnificence.  By switching on our inner healing mechanism, we are able to create relationships of power, live from passion, and engage in life through a synchronous flow with the cycles of life, seasons and sacred waters.






Ignite the Power of your Absolute Truth Through Sacred Andean Medicine

ignite the power of truthRevered Q’ero Elder, Don Manuel Q’espe shared that “Absolute Truth requires commitment to Remembering Simplicity, Taking Responsibility for Yourself, Stepping Outside of your Head and Perceiving with your Heart”.

In day-to-day consensual reality we tend to be programmed to operate from Relative Truth.  Indigenous cultures, such as the Andean Medicine People, remind us to source from our Absolute Truth, our Heart’s Desire.

We remember to source from our Absolute Truth in a profound way when we engage in Ceremony, Ritual, and Rites of Passage through the Ancient Teachings of the Andean Medicine Lineage.

Don Manuel Q’espe’s profound wisdom reminds us that Personal Power has always been simple and “simplicity comes out of embodiment of responsibilities; choose your responsibilities carefully and simplicity will follow”.

When we take responsibility for our own healing, our relationships and our experiences, we step into our personal power and live from Absolute Truth.  

The Andean Medicine Path teaches us to come back to our innate connection to Heaven and Earth through Ceremony and Ritual. Through a Sacred relationship with Pachamama (Mother Earth), we release our Hucha (Heavy Energy), including the stories that don’t grow corn for us and our relationships.  Releasing Hucha allows us to come into balance with Sami (Light) and remember our Stillness and Peace within.  In this state of Ayni (Right Relationship) we are available to hear our inner wisdom and be guided by our ABSOLUTE TRUTH.




What Is Sacred Andean Medicine?

Dona B and Don Sebastian“It’s about heart, around heart and through heart,” were the Sacred words of wisdom spoken by Don Manuel Q’espe, Q’ero Elder, as he eloquently defined Sacred Andean Medicine.

The Andean Medicine Path
The Andean Medicine path returns us home to our innate wellbeing; our Healed State. Through direct experience of the Ancient Teachings, we bring awareness to the unhealed aspects of our being, replacing stories of wounds and disempowerment with stories that grow corn. Through consciously facing our fears and Dying to the Old, which no longer serves us, we deepen into our healing. This allows us to tap into the Sage within, freeing us to be fully claimed by Vision. We engage in a true discovery of Who We Are and Who We Are Becoming, stepping into our highest possibilities and potential. This is the absolute truth of Sacred Andean Medicine.

Walk Hand in Hand with Creation
Andean Medicine People teach us that we must reconnect to Pachamama (the land) in order to remember the part of us that walks hand-in-hand with Creation. By awakening our memories of Right Relationship (Ayni) and Healed State, we walk in Grace, held by the Land. Medicine People are guided on their healing journey by engaging with their Mesa through Sacred Ceremony and Ritual. The Mesa is the living embodiment of the land and the Shaman’s journey, and is the tool that moves the Medicine person from the Personal way of being into the Collective. Shaman are Caretakers of a Vision of Light, Ayni, Fertility and Wellbeing for Pachamama; her plants, animals, people, water, and crops.   

Living Fully Awake, Connected to Kusi (Joy)
Weaving these profoundly simple, yet powerful, Organizing Principles of Sacred Andean Medicine into daily life allows us to move beyond our suffering so we can soar. By walking connected to the Earth and releasing Hucha (heavy energy), we embrace Sami (light energy) and can truly step into our power, living our lives fully awake and guided by conscious choice. The Andean Medicine People and their Sacred Andean Medicine teach us how to live a life connected to Joy, Laughter, Heart and Healing. Our healing then ripples out to our families, our communities and the Global Village.
“Releasing Hucha makes room for dancing, singing and playing.” Don Manuel Q’espe.



Ritual And Spiritual Practice

ritual spiritual practice webStillness. Reflection. Beingness.

Following Sweet Pachamama’s (Mother Earth’s) lead, we are moving into the season of resetting.

At this time of year, Consensual Reality entices us into more. More doing, buying, eating, planning, scheduling. More busy-ness.
But we are always at choice. How we engage in Consensual Reality is influenced and guided by our Spiritual Practice.
Take a moment to reflect upon how your Spiritual Practice is dancing in your life at this moment. Has it slipped away? Is there room for deepening your practice?
Say YES to Ritual

This is the perfect moment to reset. Shaman teach us that a reset is done in an instant. Simply by saying YES! By making a conscious decision to follow our hearts. In a heartbeat we move back into our centre. And with a solid Spiritual Practice of Ritual, we learn to reset on the go. In any situation or set of circumstances.
Breathe deeply and commit to Reawaken or Deepen your Spiritual Practice through Ritual. Set up a routine of Ritual that you know you can commit to daily. Commit to 11 minutes for 21 days.

Connect to your Breath.
Rattle. Whistle. Drum.
BE in Stillness.
Be the Light

KUSI and GRACE will weave themselves deeply into your Reality. Guiding every relationship and interaction.
Be the light. Live the magic of Stillness. And watch it ripple out to your families, communities and the world.


What Is Your Relationship With Time?

time relationshipRemembering Our Connection With Pachamama, Mother Earth

In these prolific times of change it is fascinating to witness and remember the true essence of time.
It is said in the Andes that Shaman are Masters of Time.  What does that really mean?  The Medicine People of Peru and many Indigenous cultures live life attuned to the rhythms and cycles of Pachamama, our Earth Mother.

Imagine what our lives would look like if we were to step out of the frenzied moments of our world and simply remember our innate connection to Mother Earth.
What would happen if we set a pure, heart-centered Intent to deepen our connection to Pachamama? 

Could it be that Simple?

An Invitation to Engage in Direct Experience With Pachamama

Allow yourself to sit in silence
Align your spine
Uncross your arms and legs  
Bring your attention to your breath
Take a deep cleansing breath
Breathe deeply into your belly
Imagine your belly in its truth, as the essence of pure energy
Drop your energetic belly into the earth
Listen, Breathe and BE
As you connect with the Heart Beat of Pachamama
Becoming one with Mother Earth
Watch the magic and miracles of time change in your world, as you begin to experience a New Relationship with Time.
We encourage you to commit to practicing this exercise daily.

How Available Are You To Life?

Hiyaya Peaceful Warriors!

raftCan you feel the sweetness of the New Year rippling through your cells? Our recent trip to Lake Titicaca, Peru continues to ripple deeply into our hearts, souls and relationships. We are thrilled to be able to share with you, the Magic and Mystery that we experienced individually and as an Allyu.

The Mystical essence of Lake Titicaca held us as we opened to the magical healing powers of this Pacarina: the womb of the Mother, a pivotal place of becoming. It is said that the First People emerged from Lake Titicaca. Today the Medicine People continue to visit annually, engaging in Ceremony and Ritual of Completions and New Beginnings.

Healing Through Love

The greatest act of love is to Live Life to the Fullest. How available are you to completions and new beginnings? We invite you to join us to deepen into those aspects of your being that require completion in order to become truly available to the Freedom and Liberation of New Beginnings.

We encourage you to continue to bring Awareness to your incomplete cycles of action which may be depleting your energy, making you feel unusually tired, listless, hyper or unfocused. Is there a personal relationship, work situation, health concern or unfulfilled expectation in your life that requires completion?

New beginnings are fueled by the abundance of energy, which is made available to us when we are released from looping in incomplete cycles of action.

Join us in making a personal commitment to work your Medicine through a regular practice of Ceremony and Ritual this year. Walk hand in hand with Spirit, fully engaged, open and available to personal and collective healing. Learn through Love and Wisdom versus suffering.

An Invitation To Sacred Play

This week, create Sacred Space, open your Mesa, and slip into Stillness with Pachamama (Mother Earth). Allow your Heart to open. Practice Availability. Set a Pure Intent to bring new awareness to an incomplete cycle that stops you from engaging fully in life. This is Direct Experience, which allows us to move beyond words, energetically empowering our affirmations and desires, so that we experience deep, enduring results.

Santa Tierras Invites Each Of You To Envision 2014 Through Heart

Allow the Sami (Light) energy of this brilliant New Year to embrace, inspire and hold you as you commit to your individual healing and the collective healing of Pachamama, her children and her children’s children.

We are delighted to partner with you on your journey of Completions and New Beginnings and encourage you to stay connected with us.

To deepen your practice and weave the Allyu together through heart, we invite you to share the outcome of your Direct Experience in a way that Grows Corn, by sharing a short posting at www.facebook.com/santatierras



"Carol and Laureen….Big thank you and huge love to you both. I appreciate how beautifully, with Spirit, you inspire learning. To teach something one can only learn through direct experience, and to bring it across cultures is quite a remarkable calling. read more
H.A. Kamloops, BC

 style teachings

Imagine dreaming your world into being!  These teachings awaken the wisdom of your soul, weaving you back into the land and back into your heart so that you can remember your soul’s vision. Embracing vision invites deep healing creating opportunity to engage in a life driven by joy, creation and creativity.

 These Indigenous teachings provide practical application through direct engagement with the Sacred.  Ceremony, Ritual and Rights of Passage are an integral part of the training.

 Choose to live fully awake.  Walk in fullness of awareness.  Live your highest potential.

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